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A gathering of those who support Phinbella! :D

Here, you can share your artwork, stories, and whatever you want :D
Founded 4 Years ago
Jan 13, 2011


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Fan Club

190 Members
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If you are unaware of the current situation, allow me to bring you up to speed. The highly anticipated Phineas and Ferb episode "Act Your Age" was aired in Russia a couple of days ago, a full SIX MONTHS head of schedule without either Dan nor Swampy's knowledge or permission, effectively running the intended worldwide premiere. Spoilers have already flooded the internet and people are now very mad and upset, especially those who have already been unintentionally spoiled. I am expecting for things to calm down eventually (Possibly in another month or so, i dunno) But as of now, the fandom is entering a state of damage control in trying to contain spoilers and Dan himself has requested that those who have seen the episode not spoil it for anything else.

So for the time being, this group will no longer be accepting anything Act your age related - No screenshots, no artwork, no fan fictions, Absolutely nothing. This is being done in order ensure that the episode will not be ruined for more people. I apologize if people find this to be inconvenience, but this is in the interest of fairness for everyone else.

Thank you.

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List of Members! :D

Phineas and Ferb Grouple by Quacksquared

If you wanna join, just ask away! :D

But currently, here's the list of Cult members:
#1) :iconmattpwnsall:-Snake Grass
#2) :icongenincat:-Spy Speed Demon
#3) :iconjaypaw8:-The Novelist
#4) :iconlillycrystal:-SuperShinyGleerio
#5) :iconsam-ely-ember:-The Singer
#6) :iconantiguous:-Dark Watcher
#7) :iconangelus19:-Comic Woman
#8) :icondangerousmelody:-Cascade Girl
#9) :iconfunannieh585:-Pink Diamond
#11) :iconilluminated-city:-The Enigma
#12) :iconwhitebag:-Gwen White
#13) :iconalem22:-Sam-I-Am
#14) :iconjosabella:-Midnight Rose
#15) :iconllakgll:-Cherry Blossom
#16) :iconjuicekitty:-Purple Dolphin
#17) :iconleafpool999:-Catgirl
#18) :icontaon-the-chosen:-Earth Shaker
#19) :iconphantom213:-The Phantom
#20) :iconcocodesu:-Red Mist
#21) :iconpuffedwarrior:-Fish Cat
#22) :iconcalibapopo:-Yellow Cucumber
#24) :iconclaraeugenia:-Rainbow Girl
#25) :iconphinbella4evah:-Princess Phin'n'Bella
#26) :iconbig-ship-hd:-Broken Echo
#27) :iconrashter:-The Gif-Inador
#28) :iconimgine:-Fun-Inator
#29) :iconisi-mari-agus-10:-La Rebelde
#30) :iconagent-cynda:-Danville Wisp
#31) :iconpinky1babe:-British Stingray
#32) :icondarandomzchick:-Daisy56
#33) :iconextrani-rain:-Razor Swift
#34) :iconroxanne13579:-Miscallaneous Artist
#35) :iconking-of-darkness25:-Shadow King-M.I.A.
#36) :iconpeanutbuttergirl1997:-Reese's Pieces
#37) :iconphinbella-flynn:-Wadecka Carolina
#38) :iconalysonthewolf:-Crazy Girl
#39) :iconmisty-mkay:-Romantic Mist
#40) :iconjennifer30:-Homework Girl
#41) :iconphinabella4evah:-Little Blond Chick
#42) :iconfucshiawillow:-Ultimate Flower
#43) :iconoscarit07:-Novice Artist
#44) :iconnewyorkbaby:-The Showgirl
#45) :iconevil-pumpkin-king:-Skeleton Jack
#46) :iconandiiz-love-dogs:-Shadow Adventurer
#47) :icondsguy411:-Fire Rider
#48) :iconkiki-kit:-Magnet Zenika
#49) :iconpixpumira:-Raining Obsessions
#50) :iconanimedecimo:-Anime Okatu
#51) :iconavatargirl2000:-Tinker-Inator
#52) :iconclau016:-Phinbella FanGirl
#53) :iconphinabella28:-Ice Kitty
#54) :iconrespect-the-lb:-Banana Artist
#55) :iconflame-dragon:-Friendly Fire Dragon
#56) :iconsheibella123:-Sparkly Perry
#57) :iconjessieandbuzz132:-Belisala
#58) :iconpurple-pop:-Perriki Fangirl
#59) :iconnickynintendo:-The Nightmare
#60) :icongabiegaga91:-The Duckie
#61) :icongeraldcullenblack:-The Host
#62) :iconksukira:-The Pianist
#63) :iconphinbella6116:-Girl Artist
#64) :iconnanyhoney011:-Nani Girl
#65) :iconrunegod20:-Cat Ball
#66) :iconmikimonster:-Mother Monster
#67) :iconstarto0ns:-The Multipurpose
#68) :iconestela96:-Crazy Lilly
#69) :iconlolimint:-Vanilla Zombie
#70) :iconkeyblademaster113:-The Palm Tree Hedgehog
#71) :icondeathseventyone:-The Drummer
#72) :iconfawnspiritforever:-Sugar Bomb
#73) :iconadrianschism09:-Black Yin
#74) :iconghostrider32:-Sifu Aron
#75) :iconskim-art:- Aerial Ace
#76) :iconjcwik95:-The Musician
#77) :iconlinzvstheworld:-Dark Magician Angel
#78) :iconrainstar-k:-Sky Cucumber
#79) :icontherandomclassic:-The Random One
#80) :iconmusic-dancer8:-Ninja Doodle
#81) :iconcooltee100:-Mr T
#82) :iconlilya28:-Different Loner
#83) :iconyessilneth963:-The Drama
#84) :iconthe-real-shaydee:-Platypus Vampire
#85) :iconbrendanr85:-BrenDanville
#86) :iconsallyjanepnf:-Obsessively Obsessed
#87) :iconszisoul:-Comment-Inator
#88) :iconinsanesamantha:-Krautside Girl
#89) :icondesolate-oneechan:-The Inky
#90) :iconhappysunglass:-Parartistic Girl
#91) :iconnala156:-The Tomboy
#92) :iconmimlev714:-The Writer
#93) :iconlils97:-Silver Nature
#94) :iconmelty94:-The Daydreamer
#95) :iconphineasandferbdanish:-Great Dane
#96) :iconsgtlirara:-Angel of the Night
#97) :icondib-a-licious:-Ferrari-chan
#98) :icondragonfire5409:-Blood Fang
#99) :iconbabyangelcake:-Tigre Cake
#100) :iconterrytoon:-Imagination Brotha
#101) :icondragonlover1234:-Silverwind
#102) :iconrandom9747649:-Random Cookie
#103) :icontelivisiongurl776:-The Television
#104) :iconromulan64:-PnF Fanon Wikian
#105) :icontdimarie:-iPod 24/7
#109) :iconyessilneth:-Love Story
#110) :iconnicko5649:-The Mystery
#113) :iconkiwi1999:-Agent P
#114) :icon2nanna2:-The Insane Freak
#115) :iconlilyistar:-The Little Artist Choko-Predator
#117) :icongamer117:-Night Assassin
#119) :iconmind-creator:-Violet Tulip
#120) :iconcinderellabella:-Actress Rocker
#123) :iconbatman123579:-Th3BatHead
#130) :iconxzibits41001:-Red Death
#135) :iconkr4903:-Agent KY
#137) :iconlaura137:-Girl Cartoonist
#143) :iconpjcb12:-Singing Artist
#150) :iconaroojbasit:-Dinky Wheels
#164) :iconrobbiemelrose:-Phinbella DeBarge
#187) :icondreamerreturns:-Undercover Southie (M.I.A.)
#190) :iconjonatellodrawer:-Private Spy
#200) :icontheleathernotebook:-The Wicked Sorceror
#219) :iconhoogieblublu:-SnapCracklePopGOLDFISH
#222) :iconloullipop:-The Apprentice
#224) :iconseahorse-love:-Furrowed Ghost
#228) :iconeternalfangirl900:-Insane Cat Lover
#256) :icon11812:-Mathemagician
#333) :iconka-dia:-The Nerdy Sappy Four Eyed One
#541) :iconladygagaluva:-MiniMonster
#626) :iconkodtgirl:-The Outcast
#666) :iconcreepecrawlyman:-The Narrator
#709) :iconzimlovedib:-Invader P.A.F
#711) :iconxgrimfirex:-Itchy Panda
#747) :icon0southerncross0:-Shipping Engineer
#789) :iconorthgirl123:-SARGEANT PEANUT MOSCOVICH THE THIRD! :dummy:
#911) :icondreamskittles3000:-Pretty Little Liar
#1000) :iconbuzz-fangirl:-The Couple Stalker
#1212) :icondandyandy1989:-Cookie Dough Knight
#1313) :iconzenlonc:-Arrowroot


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Romulan64 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
As a member of this group, can I respectfully ask that any and all "Act Your Age" spoilers and related art be removed or declined? Seriously, I wrote a whole damn journal entry on it, and I've still been seeing stuff in my news folders.

Mattpwnsall Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Student Artist
As the leader of this group, how about you do this thing that the kids are doing nowadays called "Don't read the spoilers"? Is it our fault you don't have enough self-control to resist the temptation to read the spoilers? And if someone is telling you, simply IGNORE THEM. Or block them. They're giving you spoilers for your reaction, don't give them a reason to continue bothering you.
Romulan64 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014
I'm not reading spoilers. It's just that so far, I've had at least 3 occasions of seeing "Act Your Age" screenshots appear in various groups I'm a part of, Admin or not. So I just went into every single group I'm a part of and left the above message to spread awareness of the unfair accidental exposure that these people are possibly subjecting others to, myself included. Spare me any pluralistic bullcrap you have on your mind, either. There are right and wrong ways to go about things in life, and that includes the consideration of others. Of the many things wrong with this world, inconsideration is one of its bigger problems.
Mattpwnsall Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Student Artist
And you know whats also a problem that is equally bad? Its called bitching. All I hear people like you do is bitch about life. You think life is bad? Then do something about it. Get off your fat ass and do something because honestly, no one wants to hear your bitching.
(1 Reply)
I-am-the-Sadist Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
The first fanshow decided in the FanShow group to be made turned out to be Phineas and Ferb related. If anyone here is willing to help with it, let me know.

If anyone is just interested in the ending result FanShows Watch the group to fins out what stages we are in and when completion will be done.
I-am-the-Sadist Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
As you remember last year, SOPA(Stop Online Piracy Acts), was blocked because of a petition. Bad news, it's back.......again. As you know, if this goes through, anything fan-related(fanart, fanfiction, etc) will be removed. Any fandom works(SPN, Sherlock, Dr. Who, etc) you've drawn or written that you post on the internet will be gone. This thing is becoming ridiculous. 

Sign this petition and share with others. We got almost 25% of the required signatures needed to block this again.…

Needless to say this is important for us in our fandoms, so please repost this as much as you can and digitally sign the petition.
I-am-the-Sadist Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Did I only submit the first 3 chapters of my fiction? If so let me know so I can submit the other 5 chapters.
AroojBasit Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Part two is here~
please add this to your group :)
Roulinne Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013  Student
Can I join??
sanakito Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Student General Artist
me me ^^
AnimalLoverAsh Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
umm I have an important question, I've written a phinbella story(my first time EVER writing a story) but it's in my journal, how can I make / submit it as a story so I can submit it here. sincerely- has no clue how to make a journal entry a story.
MelitzaGoo Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012  Student Filmographer
Can i join? :hmm:
Eveon99 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Hiya,can you put all my phinbella pics to this group?
StaticColour Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can I join this group? Just asking.
Batman123579 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012  Student Filmographer
Can In change my name from "British Line Arter" to "Th3BatHead"?
Number: #123
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